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Apresentação de Pôster CHEST 2015 - Montreal

Cope Needle Pleural Biopsy: Is There a Place for This Procedure in Video-Thoracoscopy Times? Thiago Bachichi, MD; Caio Holanda, MD; Luiz Eduardo Leão, PhD; João Aléssio Perfeito, PhD; José Ernesto Succi, MD; Erika Rymkiewicz, MD; André Miotto, MD INTRODUCTION: Pleural biopsy is the standard diagnostic tool when exploring pleural effusion and thickening. Cope needle biopsy was classically the first choice method for diagnostic search. Needle pleural methods for obtaining pleural tissue were been used since the second half of nineteenth century and with around 50% accuracy could be achieved, mainly for malignancy. In current times, direct vision tissue obtained under video-thoracoscopy allows